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Hurricane Tracker Live Map

Have you ever wondered where the latest hurricanes are, how large or strong they might be, and the direction in which they’re moving? If this is something you have been considering, our unique hurricane tracker free tool might be just the option you need. It provides a simple solution to keep track of the biggest and most dangerous current storms and hurricances!

Move the map to find the storm you want to track.

Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Risk

Eastern Pacific Tropical Cyclones Risk

Indian Ocean Tropical Storm Risk

Indian Ocean Tropical Weather Outlook from the JTWC

What is a Hurricane? 

A hurricane, at its simplest, is a storm system that rotates rapidly around a central point, often called the “eye of the storm.” During a hurricane, intense wind speeds are often accompanied by poor atmospheric circulation and thunderstorms. 

The Worst 21st Century Global Hurricanes

Hurricanes range in severity. However, some of the worst and most powerful 21st century hurricanes to ever grace the world include Hurricane Lili in 1996, Hurricane Karl in 2004, Hurricane Nicola in 2016, Hurricane Olga in 2001, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Florence in 2018, and Hurricane Irma in 2016. 

Each of these left a great deal of devastation in its wake. As such, many people now rely on hurricane tracker free tools to plan their next steps (and get out of the area if a bad hurricane is likely on the way).

Using our Hurricane Tracker Free Tool

If you’d like to try using our hurricane tracker free live map tool, simply drag the map to where you’d like to focus. This will allow you to see wind speeds and wind directions for any region. Alternatively, use the slider at the base of the map to look at a future hurricane map prediction, allowing you to plan in advance for any adverse weather coming your way!

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